Features missing from FREE Connect?

  • 20 February 2021
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It seems that (for a reason that is unclear to me) Schedule for SSID is missing from Connect.

Surely that is not “Enterprise only” specific , so would be nice to have it included.

Is there anything that stops me doing the schedule by few lines directly connected to the APs?

Ofcourse that needs to be done after each update from GUI (because it gets removed), but with few APs (in home use) it is not really an issue.


I think that same applies to Optimizing Radio Usage / Band Steering

That section is not locked, it simply does not exists at all!


Can anybody confirm above?





4 replies

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Hello Sebus,

You are right, neither SSID schedules nor band/client steering is available under Connect.

However (in my opinion), the decission if a feature is  available or not is not based on whether they are useful for corporate or private use, but rather the product differentiation is made based on basic (necessary) and advanced features.

But using CLI one can get the feature “back” (even if it is with way less convenience)

So it is kind of pointless to disable it in GUI

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You can technically enable some features via the CLI that aren’t available in Connect, but each time you push an update out to the APs, those features will be disabled again. 

Sure, then I re-run them again (not that I make changes to the config on daily basis - especially in home environment, once set & working, leave it alone)

Copy/paste in Putty works great