Get maximum speed from a AP245X with antenna

  • 20 April 2021
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Can somebody give me instructions how to configure a AP245X to give maximum speed. I have a 500/500 WAN speed, but I only get ca 100/100 Mbit when I use this AP245X. If I ex use a AP130 I get 500/500 Mbit speed, but not with this AP245X. I bougt new antenna from Aerohive, but the low speed is still a problem..

3 replies

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One of our top XIQ experts will be giving a talk today about how to adjust your network settings for maximum speed. The session is today at 11am EDT, and if you’re not available during that time we’ll also be posting the recording of todays session to the community for you to view at your convenience. 

@Sam Pirok thank you for your help. Where cab I find tha session recording?


Best regards Erik

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Hi Erik, thank you for your patience here, sorry for the delay in getting the recording posted. You can view the recording here: