How can I activate a XIQ for Partners, my account?

  • 6 September 2021
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I have a XIQ account with “Connect” license.

How can I increase the license level for partners to have access to the demo menu for presentations?

Extreme Portal Account not linked for my, I don’t have Customer's Unique Identifier (CUID) number only the Partner Account ID.

How is it possible to check my Extreme account? (I tried by ticket and they couldn't help me)?



5 replies

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Could you let me know what your ticket number was so I can catch up on what you’ve already discussed with us? If you’d rather send that to me directly, my email is 

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Thank you for sending over your ticket number. With ExtremeCloud IQ Connect, you can have one internal admin user (the user created when you first registered for Connect) and one external admin. To have the ability to create as many credentials to your ExtremeCloud IQ account as you’d like, you would need to update to ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot. 


I’m not sure what you mean when you say “demo menu”, could you elaborate for me please? 

Hello Sam,

it's about the demos on this page Red marked:


Are they only in Pilot?

How can I upgrade to Pilot as a Partner?


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Thank you for that screen shot, that helps. Those are other VIQ instances someone set up, and the admin of those instances would want to add the partner as an external admin for the partner to see those listed when they log in. This is not limited if the partners main account is a Connect account. However, if any of those demo accounts are set up as a Connect instance, they’ll only be able to have one external admin at a time. Hope that makes sense, please let me know if I can clarify anything! 

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Upgrading to Pilot typically means purchasing a subscription license, but I’m not sure if there are different procedures for our partners, you may want to contact your account team or sales team with that question.