Look for release notes for IQ Engine 10.0r9b

  • 6 October 2020
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I’ve noticed that ECIQ is now applying this FW version as latest version, but I could not find the release notes.


Best answer by Sam Pirok 6 October 2020, 19:06

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7 replies

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Hi John! Here are the release notes for 10.0r9b:

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Hi John! Here are the release notes for 10.0r9b:

Hi Sam,

since 10.0r9b is the latest supported release for AP650 according to, where are all the fixes from 10.0r8a?

They are nowhere mentioned in releases 10.0r9 / 9a / 9b ?!

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Unless the issue was still present after the 10.0r8a release, the fix won’t be listed in later release notes. The release notes will only mention issues that specific version is meant to fix. All fixes that were present in 10.or8a will be present in all later firmware versions as we build on the old software instead of starting from scratch. 

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Then I don’t get why the 10.0r9b release notes are listing 10.0r8 fixes, but not r8a or r8b.

One would think that r9b still has all issues r8a and r8b has fixed.

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That’s a great question and unfortunately I’m not finding enough about that work flow to give you a good answer. I might recommend reaching out to your sales engineer, they may have more insight than I do on the release notes procedures. If you’re not sure who to reach out to for your sales engineer, please let me know and I’ll email that information to you directly. 

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Hey, Daniel--

The transition from 10.0r8 through 10.0r9b included some non-linear paths in terms of device support. If there are legitimate inconsistencies in the list of addressed issues, then they might have arisen because of this non-linear path. I’ll go back through them and revise them if necessary.


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@jnicholas There are again 10.0r8a and r8b fixes missing in the latest release: