Maximum number of clients per private PSK

  • 30 March 2021
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I meant to set the maximum number of clients per PSK to 1, but failed to check the box when I setup the SSID.  I know for a fact that some of the existing keys have been used more than once.  If I set the number of clients to 1 will it knock some of those clients that are using the same key offline?

I assume that it will but it never hurts to ask.

6 replies

Thanks @Sam Pirok  I have a follow up question.

It says custom (non-zero) setting in the user group overrides this setting.  Where is that setting in the user group?  I can’t find it.

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If you set the user group to use a local Password DB Location (meaning the user credentials are stored on the AP instead of the cloud), then you’ll see an option in the user group to set the maximum number of clients per private PSK. If you’re using a cloud based Password DB Location, you won’t see that setting in the user group and would use the setting in the SSID instead. 


Is there a way to change the password db location from cloud to local w/o deleting the group?

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Unfortunately no, that is something that is permanently set after you save the user group initially. 

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Something to keep in mind with local DBs, that means if you add or remove or change any user in the group, you’d have to push out a complete configuration to the APs before they register the change, where as when you use a cloud DB, the changes are automatically applied to the user once you save. 

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I don’t think it will disconnect the client device that’s already using the credentials so much as stop any other devices from connecting with those same credentials after the first device connects.