Network 360 Plan map no longer showing both channels when running Dual 5GHz radios

  • 17 November 2020
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under ML Insights> Network 360 Plan > View Heat Map > Settings > Device Labels > Channel/Power

In the past, this has shown both 5GHz channels when AP radios are configured for dual 5GHz. I noticed today that only the wifi1 radio channel is showing, and not the wifi0 channel. If I toggle the heatmap radio to 2.4GHz the channel shows as “AUTO”. Was this a known change?

1 reply

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I just took a look at this in my lab, if I’ve got an AP set to dual 5GHz and the heat map is set to 5GHz, I see both 5GHz channels listed. If I toggle over to 2.4GHz I do see Auto, but 2.4GHz isn’t in use currently. I ran this test using an AP305c on just for comparison. If both radios are on and using 5GHz, you should see both channels listed on the heat map, so I might suggest opening a case for this one.


Here is what I’m seeing in my lab currently: