Onboarding - Quick Add Devices: location and network policy not applied.

  • 8 September 2021
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has anyone else see this issue? It has happened to me enough times that I do not believe it is just a fluke.

On several occasions over the past several weeks I’ve quick added an AP via Serial number, added location and network policy, and after clicking add and getting the confirmation that the device was added, it  will onboard and come online but does not have a location or network policy applied. This has caused  a decent amount of confusion and delay.


2 replies

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Hey there, I haven’t personally seen any cases about this lately, but it’s very possible I just haven’t seen them yet. If you could let me know which RDC you’re using, I can ask around to see if they’ve noticed any server side issues. To find your RDC, you’ll just want to log in to your XIQ account, and then copy the URL leading up to If you’d rather share that with me directly, please feel free to send it over to 

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Thank you for letting me know your RDC. I’ve been asking around but I haven’t found anyone who has seen this issue yet. I’ll keep looking but wanted to let you know my progress so far.