Problem with logging in to XIQ

There seems to be problem with logging in to XIQ after you were logged out due to innactivity. Nothing happens when you enter credentials and the only way to log in again is to completly close the browser (not just the tab), reopen in and then log back in.

Issue is present on latest Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Only browser that works is Safari.

Is there any browser setting we can enable or disable to get this working as it should?



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We have the same issue after the upgrade to, the culprit seems to be the cookies from XIQ.

When I delete them, I can login again immediately.


There is also a second issue with Chrome only (Firefox is not affected), I get kicked out of XIQ after exactly 30 minutes ( which is the inactivity timeout), regardless if I was active or not.


@Sam Pirok Can you please check if these are known issues?

Yeah, it must me some of those cookies that get deleted when you close the browser.

Also got kicked off XIQ two times while active, but haven’t checked the timer. That also doesn’t happen while using Safari.


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Thanks for the mention @daniel.schickmair, I am finding a few cases with similar symptoms coming in. We don’t have an official bug filed for this yet as far as I can tell so I’d encourage you both to open a case if possible. The more cases we have for this issue, the more resources we can dedicate to fixing it. I’d file a separate case for the two issues, one for the issue trying to log back in after getting kicked out, and one for getting kicked out while still active. If you can’t open a case right now, please let me know and I’ll see if we have any other options. 

@Sam Pirok there seems to be another issue related to loggin in.

When you go to secure login page (https) of your XIQ, and you enter user credentials, XIQ for some reason first tries to load unsecure page (http) which results in connection timing out if your XIQ is behind firewall and not alowing http. If you then reenter address with https, you will be logged in.

I hope Extreme has started looking into these issues as it is really annoying jumping through hoops just to be able to log in.



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Thanks for letting me know Robert, I’ll check in with the XIQ team to see what’s going on and update this post when I know more. 

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It looks like there is a CFD filed for these issues, if you want to reference CFD-6240 in your cases that might help connect everything. Also it looks like one customer had luck with an incognito window as a temporary workaround, can you give that a shot and let me know if you still see these issues? 

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Also, do either of you have a backups or a snapshot we could attach to your tech cases? 

Hi Sam,

I see the same http/https hm-webapp issues robert is describing. I have to add manually https:// in front of the page that I reach after logging in, or else it times out. Weird to have to hack our own login page to enter our system…

Another funky trap I fall into is upon... logging *out*, in Safari, where I get stuck in an endless loop with the following error: displaying “Looks like the email or password does not match our records. Please try again.”. The system seems to be trying to validate the values coming from my keychain. To exit the loop, I must hit the Esc key, then enter the Email field.

Third annoyance: the IQVA Login page is not Responsive. Typically, it’s extremely difficult to log in from an iPhone. You hardly see the Email-Password-Login fields and button, because now two thirds of the screen estate are used for ExtremeCloud IQ advertisement. Advertisement… How can we get rid of this wasted space?

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Thanks for letting me know @mbesson. I checked on the CFD and it looks like they’ve recalled this image. I’d still encourage you all to open cases if you haven’t already so you can get updates as they work through this CFD. In the mean time though, the advice from GTAC is to revert to the previous image. I’m really sorry I don’t have better news, I know this release was a long time coming. 

@Sam Pirok on the previous version we had problem with alerts not being sent which is much worse than this. We’re stuck with this version while hoping upcoming release includes this fix too.

We reported the issues to our partner.