RADIUS Authentication Setup

  • 19 February 2021
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So, I’m trying to set up Radius authentication back to our Active Directory server on-site.

The Radius Test in ExtremeCloudIQ returns the correct attribute and overall looks like it’s behaving correctly (to my eyes anyway).

However, when I attempt to actually log in to the SSID with those same credentials, it does not work.

I don’t believe it’s a Radius Server problem in part because I’ve found multiple sources to verify I’ve done that part right. That leads me to think that the problem lies with the SSID set up in ExtremeCloudIQ, but I can’t pin down what I’m doing wrong.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

5 replies

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Hey, thanks for the detailed explanation. If you wouldn’t mind adding me to your XIQ instance temporarily as an external admin, I can take a look at the SSID set up to see if I can find anything that jumps out at me as a potential issue. If you could add me with, that would be ideal. Also if you can let me know your VIQ name, that will help me find your instance in particular. You can find the VIQ name in XIQ by clicking on the silhouette icon in the top right corner> Global Settings> VIQ Management (Top line). If you’d rather send that to me directly, please feel free to email me at 

Hey Sam,


It’s kicking back that it either does not “match an external admin account or may already be granted access.” Thoughts?

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Thanks for letting me know, that might mean I’m already added as an external admin. Could you let me know your VIQ name so I can check the list of XIQ instances I’ve been added to for your instance in particular? 

Email sent to community@...

For anyone else who may stumble across this and have some insight, on Event Viewer on the NPS, I’m getting an Error 49. So it seems to be communicating, but it is either communicating the wrong things or it’s expecting the wrong informaiton.