• 11 January 2021
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How do you manually set either the DNS options or DHCP Options after a quick add for an AP630.

I had configured the DNS for one of the APs and for the life of me i cannot figure out I set the DNS for one AP and not the other.

I do see the DNS setting in the network policy but it is not propagating to that AP.





3 replies

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If you see the settings in your network policy, I’d recommend pushing out a complete configuration update to the AP to make sure it’s using your latest settings. 


You can also try setting DNS manually with the following command: 

Dns server-ip <address>


For example, if the DNS address was, the command would be- dns server-ip

I quick added an AP 630 through Online Hive Manager via SN. But for some reason it has the SSID from a previous policy that was applied and when i try to hit the mgmt ip for the device, cant login to manually do anything. It has the login screen from the 10.0r2.

I believe i just have to hard reset the AP and redo the quick add process via the online Hive Manager, yes?

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A reset and readd should do the trick. You could also try pushing a complete configuration out to the AP to update it’s settings to the latest configuration.