SR2348P Switch - Management VLAN Issues

  • 20 November 2020
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I am pulling my hair trying to setup an Aerohive SR2348P switch with a non-default VLAN management. I have done all of the following in various combination with no luck whatsoever.

  1. Change management vlan: network mgmt_vlan XX
  2. Tried both dynamic (network protocol dhcp) and static (network parms <ip_add> <subnet_mask> <gateway>) addressing.
  3. Create VLAN XX: vlan XX
  4. Enable routing on the vlan interface: vlan database > vlan routing XX
  5. Tried both static and dynamic IP addressing for VLAN interface: conf > int vlan XX > ip add <ip_add> etc. and ip add dhcp.
  6. Assign interface to vlan XX: conf > int 1/0/X > vlan pvid XX
  7. Set hivemanager source interface: hivemanager source-interface vlan-id XX



  1. show network always shows “Interface Status…..Down”
  2. show hivemanager status shows “Configured source interface (vlan XX) is not active
  3. show ip int br shows vlan interface down (both dynamic or static IP)
  4. Neither hivemanager or network commands successfully obtain an IP from DHCP. (I know DHCP is working)

If I reset the switch vlan1 will get an IP assigned from DHCP in a heartbeat. Issue is only when I try to change the DHCP.


Also, I could not find any vrf commands in the reference guide. I think the management networks is in its own routing table but not certain about this. Not sure if the ip assigned and verified with the network command is the same used by hivemanager.

Please help.

1 reply

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Hello, my apologies for the long wait here, thank you for providing all of those details. I’ve reviewed this with our engineers and they requested we get a case open if you haven’t already. We’ll want to look in to specifics for your configuration and it’s best if we can keep all that information in a case. Please let me know if you have any further questions and thank you for your patience while we looked in to this for you.