XIQ Connect Account - Guest SSID timed access

  • 7 September 2021
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Good Afternoon !

We have a customer using XIQ Connect ( free licences) and they want to set up a Guest SSID but they want to be able to generate a password e.g receptionist and  to give it to the Guest to sign on. The password should only last a specific time e.g 1 hour

Does anybody know how to do this in XIQ Connect ?  And if this is not possible, is there a workaround ?

Thanks in advance



4 replies

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In Connect it’s not really possible. The only “workaround” I can think of would be to set a WPA2 Personal SSID that you change the password on every day and push it out to the APs, but that would be quite a bit of management work to change it on a regular basis, and would affect all guests, not just on a per user basis.
With Pilot you’d be able to issue a PPSK to the guest for the given time frame exactly as you’ve described, but that requires a licence unfortunately.

Thanks Ash.

I think there is a link to re-direct to a External captive portals and was wondering could this be used to connect to a third party device or software that offers Guest Portals ?


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Actually there may be a way! Create an Open SSID > Cloud Captive Web Portal > request a pin
These can be time based via the Pin Valid Time option. Users will have to enter an email or mobile number to get a pin, then enter that on the CWP

There are the other external CWPs as you mention

  • A cloud captive web portal > social login - don’t believe there’s any controls in terms of only letting them connect for a day
  • a Captive web portal ? user auth on captive web portal > redirect to external URL for auth > this could be pointed to another service outside of extreme that may be able to implement user controls such as access periods.

Cheers Ash.

Unfortunately the customer wants to control what Guest gets access so he wants to be able to give them the password and that it expires after a few hours.

He really does not want the Guests to sign on themselves :)