XIQ Public/Local Cloud Number of Endpoints Supported

  • 9 February 2021
  • 1 reply

XIQ seems to be delivering something very fascinating! I was evaluating different deployment options and was particularly looking for scale for number of devices and endpoints supported for public and local cloud deployments. I see number of devices supported but not sure about how many maximum number of endpoints/users are supported for each deployment option?

1 reply

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Our sales team can give you a more detailed answer, but there is no practical limit to the number of APs you can support in XIQ, and the number of user devices each AP can handle will vary a bit depending on the model. Some of the older models can hold up to 100 clients per radio, whereas the newer models can host up to 250 clients per radio. Those maximum client counts are assuming very low throughput from end user devices, so heavier traffic will reduce the maximum client count, but that should give you an idea of what each AP can do.