XIQ Supplemental CLI at Device Level

  • 26 March 2021
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In XIQ, Supplemental CLI can be applied to multiple Access Points at the Device Level at once. But the reversal, One has to remove the Supplemental CLI “1” Access Point at a time (Very Time consuming)…


In short, Supp CLI applied in bulk to 500 devices but Removal is only achieved by editing 500 devices.

3 replies

Feature Request -  Add the blank option in the drop-down list if you want to erase the existing CLI profile commands from the selected devices during the next complete configuration update.

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Hi Adrian, we don’t have the ability to submit feature requests on the community (yet), but if you can reach out to your service engineer (SE), they should be able to help you file a feature request. If you’re unsure who to reach out to for your SE, please let me know generally where you’re located and I’ll find a local contact for you to speak with. 

Hi Adrian,


You can create a supplemental CLI with a neutral command and apply it to all the devices at once.


For example:

clock time-zone 1