IQVA Now Available!

  • 22 March 2021
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IQVA has a new release: is here!

You can view the release notes here: :


Download files can be found on the ExtremeCloud Products page:

7 replies

I´ve seen this today and directly started to download the upgrade for our OnPrem IQVA.

Hope this upgrade and the new firmware for the AP250 and AP305C will solve some Wifi issues in our branches.

… and where you find the upgrade version? Actually I only see the ova.


The release notes refers to old aerohive pages!?

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@jan.ruske, you can find both the .tar and .ova files here:

The release notes were added to the same page as the other release notes for IQVA versions. We are working to integrate those pages in to Extreme but it will take some time so for now we are still using the same page as always for IQVA release notes. 

Hi Sam,

Like “jan.ruske” I can only see the OVA file (4.4GB) in the list of downloads for this version.

I don’t see a tar.signed version for doing an upgrade.

Where would I find that ?

The release notes whilst appearing to be for the previous version do contain the later info.



Hmm, looking through the fixes I was expecting to see “Guest manager webAdmin logins receive permissions error” in the resolved list. This was an error re-introduced from an earlier build where the Guest manager who doesn’t have permissions to the full dashboard gets an error at login but in this iteration they are at least redirected correctly the Users page (where they do have permissions).

This is a cosmetic error but EVERY non-technical Guest Manager believes something is wrong and stops at that point leaving all Guest creation to IT, making Guest Managers useless as a concept.

Was told this was resolved in Cloud version and would be resolved in next IQVA release, but I can’t see it in fixes or in known issues.

Can anyone confirm a Guest Manager only does NOT receive any errors/warnings at login to the IQVA web interface at login with this updated version ?

This question will be asked prior to upgrade as it is a pain point at present.





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Thanks for your patience while I looked in to this, the reason we can’t see an update file any more is that it was pulled due to some significant issues discovered after it was released. As soon as we have those issues resolved, the update file will be posted back on the same page where we see the .ova file now.