Cisco Nexus 7700 integration in XMC

  • 20 August 2019
  • 1 reply

Hello all,

Has anyone experience or had made an integration of Cisco Nexus 7700 in XMC?
We are intrested, are the VDC visible, SVI are to configure, see the links are down, and so on?
Is the Nexus also to configure with XMC?

Thanks all and Regards


1 reply


Hi Jochen

I do not have experience with N7K Integration in XMC. But I can not imagine that this is possible.

I have the first few customers with Cisco integration (XMC and NAC). I have there some feature not working with cisco, where extreme switches are working well.

Do you have experience with Cisco Devices Integration in: XMC (Inventory, Backup), Governance Engine, NAC, Analytics, Reporting?

Regards Micha