Do the BD8806 and BD8810 switches support CoreFlow2.

  • 29 October 2018
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I need to install Extreme Analytics into a network and the most logical point of monitoring would be a pair of BD8810 switches in the core of the network. It doesn't appear, from the documentation that they don't support the CoreFlow2. Is there a way to monitor from those switches?

2 replies

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I've no experience with the 8k series but you'd check whether you'd see the switch in the telemetry section of XMC and if yes use that.

What model of access switches do you use ? If they are G2s you'd run telemetry on them.
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CoreFlow2 is a ASIC chipset installed on S and K series not any of EXOS base switches.
As mentioned application telemetry is supported on several G2 series of EXOS switches but on BD8K.
In your case, it is needed to install additional CoreFlow2 switch or other that support application telemetry and form a topology called an overlay mode.
May you find more detail information on below link.