Agent based Assessment

  • 7 January 2021
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i have a question to agentbased Assessment.

Is the agentbased assessment a legacy method of doing assessment?

So if somebody want to introduce assessment on the network, does it make sense to start with agentbased assessment or what are the plans of extreme?

Maybe this feature is discontinued?



3 replies

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So far Assessment is not EoS and as far as I know there are no plans for it.

Normally, a product is supported by Extreme after EoS for another 5 years, so you can still use the product.

Alternatively, you can also consider whether the desired information from the client can be queried via another tool that is possibly already installed on the client (e. g. an Antivirus tool).

Specifically, you can use the API and e.g. workflows to query a mobile device management or a server that manages the antivirus software and use the information as a basis for deciding whether and how a client can connect.

Many manufacturers are already integrated in XMC. See also:

Often this way is also cheaper than the way via the assessment.
However, it is important to know that the ADV license from XMC is required for this.



thanks for the reply, the license is not the problem.

The question was related especially to the agentbased method.

In the manual of XMC, the agentbased assessment is described in the legacy java version of xmc, and a new version for html is not yet available, so the question is why?

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Hello Ronny,

you are right, the configuration must be done via Java as of today. Extreme probably has an internal! Priority list which functions which functions are implemented when. Priority had the frequently used functions. Beside the assessment also e.g. MIB tools and the creation of Flexviews were not yet ported into the HTML GUI. Whereby e.g. the Flexviews are often used. Assessment is certainly not used so often by customers.

If the assessment will be implemented in HTML or not you will only get with an official request via your SE or Sales team.