MAC to IP resolution approach for static addresses

  • 8 January 2021
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I see three options:

  • Use the MAC to IP Mapping list

For us this is not maintainable and we don’t have a source with MACtoIP informations which would allow some automated imports.


  • IP Discovery on Network Access Switch

I think Control uses the nodealias MIB to pull this information via SNMP. There’s no such feature in an ERS/VSP environment.


  • IP Discovery on Router

This only works if you assign a VLAN when doing authorization and you need to maintain all IP Subnets under “IP address resolution” settings. We don’t have VLAN assignment in place via NAC. Another problem is that many subnets are routed on Checkpoint firewalls and I don’t if XMC supports SNMP polls to the ARP table there.


Does somebody can share his experience or has other ideas?

2 replies

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You can also use DHCP and get the info from the DHCP leases.


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Hi Mig,

I know that DHCP could be used, but for most of the network there is no DHCP in place.