Access control engine enforce to selected switches

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Hi All

I have a EAC appliances that i have connected G1 switches to. I want to enforce the rules to a selection of the switches. When I go to enforce selection, the switches are not displayed. Has anyone got any ideas? All i can currently do is enforce all.

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I am having some trouble understanding this.
The Access Control appliances are what are enforced. The switches are added to the appliances in NAC Manager. You can enforce one Access Control appliance at a time, but not to select switches per se. You can use Location based rules to have rules that pertain to certain switches only.
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You'd configure the roles/policies on the switch manualy via the switch CLI but the prefered method would be to configure it in Policy Manager and then upload/enforce it to one or more switches.

If the switch has the NAC configured as the authenticator the NAC will run thru the rule set and will answer the switch with the corresponding role/policy rule.

So as Mike mentioned the NAC Managers function is to configure the rule set/role/policy and enforce this configuration to the NACs.
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Ah, i could have sworn I saw a checkbox ato select a switch when selecting the enforce selection option. Maybe. I was dreaming