Accesspoint as device in Netsight

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Hi guys,

is it possible to add wireless accesspoints as a device in Netsight/OneView?
Customer wants do see offline APs quicker in Device View.

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I have added AeroHive APs to NetSight but unless you get them static IPs you could lose them.

That was not an issue for me as I was just testing functionality.

The other think to be mindful of is how many devices you are licensed for.
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Is that also possible with the Extreme APs? I dont't see how to establish SNMP connection..
I just took the wireless class and have not had a chance to play with those yet.
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The Extreme Aps don't have an snmp agent. They generally managed by the controller.

You can model it with Ping.

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you can add the controller to NetSight with both SNMP and CLI credentials. then NetSight will configure traps & syslog receiver on controller = you can configure it manually also 🙂.
On the controller define the AP poll timeout. When the AP is lost, the controller will report it to NetSight.

All is prepared and easy to deploy.

good luck