Add table settings for export serial numbers in Inventory Manager

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did somebody know if it´s possible to add table Settings for the Export Serial numbers in Inventory Manager. I want to see also the Location in the Export about all devices.

Brgds Nico

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Hi Nico,

I wasn't even aware that there is such function but it looks like you can't add the location row.

My way to export SN# is to use Netsight Console...
- just click on "all devices" in the device tree
- select all in the proberties tab (ctrl+a)
- right-click and select > table tools > export > csv format

Then import it i.e. Excel and you'll have the SN# and other fields like location in the sheet.

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Hello Ron,

i know about the function you describe. But my Problem is that i want to export all Serial numbers from all modules and so on. That´s only possible with the Inventory Manager, i think so.

Brgds Nico
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Hi Nico,

Unfortunately this ability does not currently exist, but we can submit a feature request to have this functionality added in the future.

In addition to serial numbers for all modules, are there any other fields you'd like to add to the serial number export feature?

I'm thinking to request all optional fields displayed in Inventory Mgr and Console (Rt click -> Table Tools -> Settings), but in case of limitations then it will help to know which ones are most important for customers like yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to submit this inquiry and for your patience in waiting on our response. Sorry it took so long!

My customer also want to add some specific attributes on the export table, including System Location and System Name.