Agent interface down

In my Extreme Managment center I see an alarm :

Agent interface down on interface 20 port 1.20....

but I don t know why this alarm it's present

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Someone turned off their computer or unplugged a patch cable.

I would disable the alarm personally. We have used that alarm on a port group containing only uplink ports in the past. Other than that I don't see a use for it.
Ok but I have not turned off my pc and so do not understand how it can happen
Those ports are on 2 different switches, they can't both be your PC.

It is monitoring all the ports on you switches, I think its traps that trigger that alarm but I don't remember for sure.
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What is connected to this port ?!
in this port is connected My pc where is installed "nextreme managment center" ...Now I tryed to restart this pc but the alarm did not show up
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This view shows only active alarm.
It could take 1-2 minutes till the alarm is shown and the alarm is removed as soon as the port is up again.

The best way to test it is not to restart the PC but to disconnect the ENet cable - then you should get the alarm in about 1-2 minutes.
Then connect the PC again and after a short time the alarm is gone because the "up alarm" acknowledges/removes the active link down alarm.
My pc is online since 10days this alarm is show since 3 days