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am try to download the configuration its showing the error. any one pls help me to take back up ..

  • 23 May 2015
  • 4 replies

4 replies

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Could you please tell us the device/model that you use.

First of all make sure the device has its latest firmware installed; if you tell us what device you are using, we can be more helpful.
sorry for the delay in reply.Its X440 and X460.We using firmware

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Hi Mohamed.

Start Inventory Manager.
Select Network Elements, select your switch and select Image Information.
Scroll down to the bottom and make sure Firmware Download MIB and Configuration MIB show Script.
Then select one of the ExtremeXOS scripts in Device Family Definition File Name.

There are four different scripts, two of them use TFTP to transfer firmware and configurations, and the other two use SCP. For each transfer method you have one script that will communicate through VR-Default and another that will do it through VR-Mgmt.

SCP will only work if tou have the ssh module loaded in the switch.

If you can reach the TFTP/SCP server through the mgmt port, choose the scripts that use VR-Mgmt. If you can reach the server through other vlans, choose the scripts that use VR-Mgmt.

Let me know if that solves your problem.