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AP3825i LAG to D2, Netsight/NAC/OneView don't recognize LAG

  • 19 June 2015
  • 2 replies

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My plan was to test the AP3825i LAG function (connected to my D2).
The LAG is up & running so that is working....

D2_desk(su)->show port status lag.0.1
Alias Oper Admin SpeedPort (truncated) Status Status (bps) Duplex Type
--------- ------------ ------- ------- --------- ------- ------------
lag.0.1 Up Up 2.0G full lag

D2_desk(su)->show mac port lag.0.1
MAC Address FID Port Type
----------------- ---- ------------- --------
D8-84-66-03-B3-38 100 lag.0.1 Learned
D8-84-66-03-B3-39 100 lag.0.1 Learned

The issue I observe is that Netsight/NAC/PM/OneView don't seem to recognize the LAG between the AP and D2.
The D2 has MAC auth (allow all) enabled.

- NAC, end-system view show 2 authentication events (ge.1.3&ge.1.5) instead of only one from lag.0.1

- PM, switch detail view only show the phy ports and no LAG so I'm not able to enable auth on the LAG

- OneView, in > wireless > AP view > click on the AP name which should bring up the AP portview
Instead of one view for the LAG two views are opened - one for ge.1.3 and one for ge.1.5.
From here it's get very weird as the first view show the correct AP but the view for port ge.1.5 show a complete different/wrong AP.

Any idea ?


2 replies

AFAIK there is no possibility yo switch on the authentication for logical port. So you will see authentication for all lag member ports. But I'm not sure if it is a good idea to switch on authentication for that port at all. On D2 you have only 2 auth per port so you will not be able to see wireless. If you need to see AP in NAC it is a good idea to limit number of multi auth to one per port.
Logical ports are hidden in Policy Manager by default. You can show them via Policy Manager menu bar - Tools / Options / Ports, and deselect "Hide Logical Ports"