Application Analytics response time graphs

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I have the question regarding application analytics.

We would like to have on the NOC screen dashboard that shows network and application response time for some custom applications.

Most suitable view for the customer is this:

But, we couldn't find a way to filter this to only show, for example, data from last hour. We can't set custom time because this time period should change as time is going. Are we missing something?

Another solution is Response time dashboard. The first issue in this view is the limitation to max 10 TOP applications (we have more than 10 apps). We could overcome this using wildcard in Application search and have 2 rotating screens. The problem is that Application field in search bar doesn’t support wildcards (in solution with the report it was possible).

Another idea was to use tracked applications. The problem here is also the limitation to max 10 applications in the dashboard.

Every idea is more than welcome!

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Hi Vesna

Would something like this report work for you. Note the custom group option and last interval time.