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Assessment Warning Grace Period


where can I see which clients are acknowledged an Assessment_Warning?
I'm just looking for a place where to see the following:
1. Which Clients had an Assessment Warning?
2. How long is the grace period valid for this endsystem (How many days are left until quarantine is done by nac?)

Thanks Ronny

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I'm not sure there is an easy way to do this but you should be able to see End Systems in this State by looking in NAC Manager and filtering on the Notification NAC Profile. Go to Tools, End System Operations, Search for End Systems, Advanced. Filter on the NAC Profile "Notification" You can then compare the time that each End System was first placed into this State to the time allocated for Assessment Warning in your configuration. (If the warning time on your config is 10 days and the end system got into that State 5 days ago...you know they have 5 days left) You may also be able to see this on the Statistics tab if you highlight the NAC appliance in NAC Manager, but I am not sure.


Scott Keene
NMS/NAC Support

thanks for the hint, now i found another way to search for Assessment-Warnings.
Go to Tools, End Systems, Search for End-Systems by Assessment Results.
Now you can search for outstanding warnings.
Next time i will read the manual, sorry. 😉

Now i have the problem that a client that acknowledged the Assessment Warning is not displayed in this search front end.
(Search for End-Systems by Assessment Results -> Outstanding Warnings)
Any Ideas?