Automatic configuration verification with Netsight

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Dear all.

I need your help here.

We have two identical devices which services one application.
2x G3-Series with

- active node
- server are connected at this device with a single link
- hot standby if Device-A fail
- same config as Device-A (except IP, hostname)
- active uplinks
- no connected server

In case that Switch-A fails, all cables are switched to Switch-B manually.

This means, that if we do any configuration change on Switch-A, we also have to do this on Switch-B to keep our redundancy working.

My question is, if NetSight is able to either

- send out a notification if any configuration change is done on Switch-A
- or compare the latest config of Switch-A and Switch-B automatically

thanks for your help in advance

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Hi aloeffle,

If you're doing scheduled backups of the switches from NetSight you can configure an alarm within NetSight to trigger on a configuration change. I believe there are some prebuilt alarms in NetSight, but you can also create one or limit it down to just the switch you're looking for by selecting that group. See attached screenshot.

As for comparing the two switch configurations, I believe you can only compare current and previous configurations of the same switch in NetSight.