Automatically delete users/devices from registration portal

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Hi everyone,
is it possible to automatically delete users and devices from the list in registration portal when the defined access time is exceeded?


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You can delete registered users and their devices from inside the MAC Registration Administration web interface.

There is an article on a similar topic below, on increasing the device count, but the article will tell you how to get to the web interface I am referring to...

To do this automatically, please look at the setting in the Captive Portal Configuration: Delete Expired Users". This should trigger (if selected) when the registration expires.

Is this what you are looking for?

Scott Keene

Extreme GTAC
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Hi Scott,

thank you for your answer. I had a look in the settings you mentioned. Unfortunately the setting "Delete expired Users" is missing in Guest Registration. But this is what we need. Also I can't find any option to automatically delete devices.