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Backup and Restore Purview Data in NetSight

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Recently replaced the NetSight Server, including copying all the files / locations listed below along with a database backup and restore.

Everything is how it was except historic Purview data? I still have access to the old NetSight server and wondering where this data is and how to restore it?

[i]/NetSight/appdata/System/FlexViews/My FlexViews

Many thanks in advance

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the historical data for Purview should be in the
Directory as a .rpt file, along with a matching .sql file. You will want to store those aside.
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting back.

When I did a database backup it created the netsight.rpt file that’s been restored. In the backup directory I also see another directory called 'Purview' and inside that is the netsight_11212015.sql file, which I think is what you are referring too.

So with that file in hand how am I able to restore the data so that we can continue to look at historic Purview data?

Will restoring the data append to that collect since the new server has been replaced or overwrite it?

Many thanks.
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting back.

When I did a database backup it created two files, netsight and netsight.rpt file that where used to restore the database. The netsight file doesn't seem to show an extension of .sql but is 20mb in size and netsight.rpt is about 463mb.

So although I have restored the database using netsight.rpt file and all is how it was, there is still no historic Purview data, and I am not sure what .sql file you are referring to other then the ones described above. Also, how I would restore the historic purview data should there be any additional backup / sql file.

Many thanks in advance.
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When restoring did you check restore alarm/reporting checkbox?

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That did the job! It looks like that checkbox is enabled by default on backup but not restore. So simply did a restore on the previous backup and it worked.

What was also good was that it seemed to append to the data collected in recent days, instead of completely wiping and restoring back to the backups point of time.

Thanks for your support.