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backup netsight automatic

  • 29 May 2014
  • 6 replies

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Its possible automatize netsight database backup and export database daily ?

6 replies

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We back ours up daily (see attachment for screen shot). However, to get it off the box we had to write a script and run it as a Kron job. I wonder if there is a way to grab the DB file from Inventory manager. That is how we backup everything else including our Wireless Controller. I'll look into it.

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I believe this can be done via Inventory Manager. We did this to get the config off of our Cisco Edge router and FW. You have to create a custom script for Inventory Manager to do this. Not sure if this has been done before. Best bet is to ask the good guys of GTAC. No sense beating your head against the wall if someone else has figured it out. You have my interest peaked. I will open a ticket with GTAC to see what it involves.

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I checked with GTAC and the best way to do this is run a script on the server every night that copies your backups off to another NAS. Another suggestion was to mount a USB drive on the server and just copy your backups directly to that drive. You would only have your backups in one place with that method. I like the Kron job backing it up to a NAS on your network. If you do that don't forget to grab directory that NS is backing up all your switches to (default = /usr/local/Enterasys_Networks/NetSight/appdata/InventoryMgr\configs). If you want some help with this let me know.
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Woops. I meant Cron jobs.
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In the past I have mounted an NFS drive to the NetSight server for Linux installs or mapped a Windows Share if installed on Windows. Then I change the backup location to that directory.