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Backup Netsight Server how to | why

  • 16 June 2015
  • 2 replies

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Our customer upgrade his license to NS-ADV, with that license come also the possiblilty to install over all 3 Netsight servers. one as the primary Netsight server, one as Backup Netsight Server and a 3th for the lab.

Is there any sync possibility between the primary Netsight Server and the Backup Server? Or is this only a kind of "cold standby" with a different IP address.

Or how does Extremenetworks planed that they are used?

2 replies

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AFAIK only VM HA is supported (manual - Suite-Wide Tools User Guide).

But if you don't have VM HA just install the VM image one second server.
If the first went down just start the second image and restore the DB backup (so backup often).

Netsight is not required to run the network it's only to view the components.
NAC on the other hand could be redundant and also runs if Netsight is down.

Hey Ronny

Long time, long time ago when we worked together at our beloved customer in Vienna where you set up the WLAN controllers. ;)

Thanks for the information, I was not able to find any more detailed informations about that (VM HA mode), the primary Netsight Server runs on a full redundant ESX Server Cluster, if one maschine fails all servers will move to the backup within seconds.

We have installed the backup Netsight Server on a standalone ESX Server complete seperated from the cluster to have access to Netsight when the cluster is down for service reason as we had it when the had worked on the enterprise power backup lines. As long as this was down we had to process a firmware upgrade to all switches (more than 100) and it was not so easy without Netsight to got an overview what is fine or not. Thats the reason why we have installed the backup server.

NAC can only be configured from the primary Netsight Server, but this does'nt matter and that was clear to us before we create the backup server.