backup Netsight - which data ???

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as the Netsight database backup doesn't include all data I'm interested in a complete list of all the files that I'd need to backup to restore a Netsight/NAC/Purview/ALL installation.

Also how to do it / were to find the files.
I wasn't able to find a KB articel about it.

i.e. what I know/think is not included in the DB backup...
- my own Flexviews
- customized fingerprints ?
- Saint scan profiles


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Replace Enterasys Networks with Extreme Networks on new deployments.

Purview Fingerprints:

Flexviews on the Server,

Self created flexviews generally are local unless you've loaded them on the Netsight Server in a path similar to.

Sorry, I don't know much about saint profiles or where they would be.