Best Way to Port EMC Config to New Server

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I'm building a new, virtual EMC server to replace my old physical one. I've got the machine up and running in VMWare with a trial license, but I haven't figured out how to get the configuration from the old server to the new.

I'm hoping I can do some sort of import/export, but it doesn't seem to be that easy. The old server is Windows running EMC v The new server is Ubuntu running EMC v

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Hi Terren,

In the link below, please find the instructions for migrating from a version 7.x installation of XMC to a version 8.x version. If you have any questions, please let me know!


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Thanks. It wiped my user groups, but I got that sorted with this article:

The only problem I have now is that it did not import my Policy. I think I can fumble my way through that, though. I'll let you know.

Edit: Yup. Got it. No problem on that front.
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Another gotcha that usually happens, is the directory structure under Inventory Manager options, need to reset those to Linux defaults.

Also this has happened to me before too: