Can EMC display LLDP neighbor info?

  • 19 February 2018
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I Would like to find out about the above, specifically i would like to know how many Reach NXT devices we have on the network without having to display lldp info from each switch.

I'm sure back in the day Extremes old management platform, EpiCentre/Ridgeline did this but i can't work out how to in EMC.


5 replies

Hi Ian,

Right click to your device on EMC->Network->Devices part and choose view->flexview and there is an option "LLDP Remote Systems"

this will show you all lldp-enabled devices.
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thank you for that.

can it be done for the network as a whole? it seems to default to a particular switch each time I run it.

I'm highlighting in the tree view, "My Network" then using the 3 horizontal line menu to choose view etc.
as far as I know, it's only showing for one device.
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You can select set of swtiches and run the flexview on set of switches.
There were different limits in the past for different XMC/EMC versions.
If web interface does not allow you to run the flexview on all your network then Java client does it without issues.

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is there a way a feature can be added to display Reach NXTs separately? for instance listed in the device view? they are essentially separate devices.......