Can I monitor temperature for extreme 460g2 switches in Netsight?

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I have a cooling problem in my Switch Closets and need to monitor their temperatures throughout our Complex.Can this be done via Netsight? I am currently running version on most switches (will be upgrading to this summer). Netsight is currently at Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Flexview called "XOS Device Summary" does have the information. if you do not have this Flexview in your NetSight then I see two options:
- upgrade your NetSight to XMC
- copy the flexview from XMC to your NetSight


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Extreme Management Center can store historical temperature information for XoS devices. It can also used this stored information to trigger threshold alarms where you can configure a target temperature and if exceeded there will be an alarm thrown.

Check out this article:

Temperature will be collected at the device level. Device level must be enabled in order for port level statistics to be collected.

It's not recommended to collect port statistics for every port in your network. It could increase database size significantly if a large number of ports are enabled for collection.