Can I upload a file to NAC for download by end system as part of remediation?

I want to set an assessment test that will look to see if MS kb3172605 exists in the registry, and if not allow the user to download the file and install it. This is the fix for the Windows 7 update that is really slow. Can I upload the kb3172605 to the NAC and if the Windows 7 system does not find the key, redirect to download the file from the NAC? Is it possible to upload files to the NAC to be downloaded as part of the remediation process?

I am running Version My NAC is a Virtual Appliance. NMS is Windows 64-bit.

Thank you.

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Hi Marcia,

If the user is quarantined based off that registry key, typically downloads for remediation are hosted by the vendor (such as Microsoft or Apple for example) or on an internal web server. You can place a link on your Remediation page for downloading the file. You could probably host this download file on the NAC appliance but we do not support doing this nor is it documented.


Scott Keene
NMS/NAC Support