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Can not create a Backup/Archive on Netsight of BlackDiamond 8806

Hi we have recently installed Netsight in our network in order to monitor our devices, we have everything running but we are having some issues getting a backup from both of our BlackDiamonds. The error message I receive is "The device was unable to contact the TFTP server. Check that the TFTP server is running and connectivity is okay."

The netsight version we are running is and the BD are running the EXOs Version. We have also Summit x460 and x670 in the network which are running the EXOs but we have not had any issues with them. I have my doubts about the TFTP server being the problem since all of the others switches we able to perform the backup without problems.

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Just a thought, can you try tftp'ing a file to netsight from the BD? Does that work? Also, do you have to specify a VR?
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Hi Cruz,
I'm going through older "In Progress" threads here and wanted to ask if you still need assistance with this.