Can not see the Extreme Switch netflow on NetSight?

  • 12 January 2015
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Dear Sir,
Our customer buy several Extreme Summit X430 Switch.
We can see the netflow on cli mode.

But we can not see the netflow on NetSight's oneview.

When will we can see the netflow of Extreme X430 Switch on NetSight?

Thanks for your help.

5 replies

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maybe Netflow versions differ?
i dont know which netflow versions are supported by Extreme XOS, but Netsight supports v9 only if i remember right
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Or because Netsight 6.1 doesn't have a full integration of the XOS series.
X430 does not support netflow

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EXOs does not support NetFlow. It supports IPFIX (IP Flow Information eXport) but only on selected switches. The X430 is NOT one of them.
IPFIX collection will be supported in a future version of NetSight.
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You can try slfow. You must have netsight NMS or an other tool