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Can not update x440 firmware via Oneview

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I can not update X440 firmware vie Oneview(latest ver. 6.3). I just get "Error Downloding Firmware". I updated A4/B5/C5 deviced without any probem but X440 gives this error.

Any hint on this problem? Thanks.

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SNMP credentials have read/write permission on the x440?
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Yes, I can run scripts like "CLI show configuration" via oneview. So no problem about snmp/cli credentials.
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Hi Rahman,

Are there any error messages in the switch log? Also, is the correct VR being specified when starting the download? For example, the switch has default VRs of VR-Mgmt and VR-Default.

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Hi Tony,

Yes, "show log" on x440 shows these errors:

10/14/2015 08:19:16.00 Download of image finished with status failure -tftp: server error: (2) cannot access file
10/14/2015 08:19:15.87 Upgrade failed, script: download failed
10/14/2015 08:19:15.62 Download image from hostname ip address file name firmware/images/summitX- VR VR-Default

As the logs show, the Vr is correct. I can ping tftp server (witch is nms server itself) via VR-Default.
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Just to confirm, is the EXOS image in the tftpboot/firmware/images directory or in the root/firmware/images directory?

The file should be in the tftpboot/firmware/images directory.

This may be related to the Knowledgebase article below:


Hope this helps
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Hi Tony,

I generally transfer files to tftp folder via scp. It seems it was a permission problem. Now the device can download the files.

Sorry for the noise, thanks.
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Rahman, no problem, glad you were able to find the cause. Have a good day!