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Can you have Different AAA setting per Portal in NAC?

  • 24 July 2019
  • 3 replies

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We are looking to setup two different portals in NAC. One for AD users(Admin) and another for guests(guest) using using GIM for the credentials. Each Portal is linked to a different location group in the rules in nac. I want in so that only AD users can log into the Admin Portal and only guest users can login to the Guest Portal but don't see a way to set different AAA setting per portal. Is there a way to do this or another way to tackle this?

3 replies

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Hi Matthew.

You can have the same AAA for both portals.
AAA rules can be also location based.

with the above the logic can be:

If location A then portal A and AAArules.
If location B then portal B and AAArules.

Your AAArules:
if location A then Radius A
If location B then Radius B

Regards, hope it helps
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Oh nice, that does help. Since the portals are per location that should do the trick.
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I've been able to limit AD users to only be able to use the correct portal but can't seem to limit local users to only on portal. Even though one location has a local authentication rule. Any guesses on what i'm missing?