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cannot establish SNMPv3 communication between VSP8200 and XMC Management Center

  • 17 June 2019
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Hi guys,

I'm just configuring SNMPv3 on a VSP 8200 ( to communicate with my XMC ( but somethings wrong in the configuration.

What I did so far:

VSP 82xx:

snmp-server user myUser group myGroup sha mySHApw aes myAESpw
snmp-server group "myGroup" "" auth-priv read-view root write-view root notify-view root

And snmp is not blocked by bootflags:

show boot config flags
flags block-snmp false

I've created SNMP and CLI credentials as configured above and added them to a Profile.

When adding the device with my created profile XMCs Alarm event sais:
"SNMP Contact Lost: No SNMP reply from device x.x.x.x caused by SNMP Error: Timeout[4098]

VSP and XMC are able to reach each other by icmp.
There is a firewall between the VSPs network and the XMCs network, but pakets are not dropped there.
Other network devices (Summit Switches) are able to communicate with the XMC.

Do you guys have any idea what else to check?

Thanks for helping.

Best Regards,

1 reply

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Hi Steffens,

Its quite simple to configure SNMPv3 on VOSS-based devices. Refer the below KB article for step-by-step procedure: