Change time and timezone in netsight virtual appliance

  • 18 November 2014
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We did a new installation, but during intial setup the time & timezone was set incorrectly. Now the server is up and running. How can we change the time & timezone?


4 replies

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The system has the following sricpts for postinstall changes installed in the /usr/postinstall directory...

network config = dnetconfig
SNMP config = snmpconfig
date/time = dateconfig
Thank you Ronald. I called to GTAC and they told me the same. Already change the time successfully.
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I've got a similar issue but dateconfig changes only the system time:
Output of #date

Timezone in Inventorymanager (VET):

I also restarted the server.

Any idea?

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I had such problem but I can't remember the details.... I think the issue was a wrong date/time setting on the VM server.
It was a little bit weird that the VM date/time mess up the NAC/Netsight time - so might be a good idea to check the VM date/time settings.
Mine is now also running on the same NTP as Netsight.