Cisco 3850's netflow info into Netsight OneView

Hello All,

I have a Cisco 3850 with the full IP services software. Im trying to point it's NetFlow data to Netsight OneView. I can see the traffic getting to the Netsight server by doing a TCPdump on the Netsight server. I can see the Cisco switch recording flows, but i can't see the flows in Netsight. I feel like i almost got it, but im missing that one thing to get this all working. Anyone have experience with this?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi James, I think its probably time to open a ticket with GTAC since you're not getting much traction here. Sorry about that!
Thanks Drew!

I Opened one with GTAC and they pointed me to Cisco. Opened a ticket with Cisco, they pointed me back to Extreme.

Cisco's response was that the NetFlow data is getting to the Netsight server. Not much they could so from there.

GTAC's response was that the Netflow Data coming from the cisco switch was in a format that the Netsight server didn't understand even though the Cisco switch is sending it via Netflow-v9.

I'll gonna update my netsight in a month or so to the 7.X and maybe that will fix the problem