Clear MAC Lock violation disabled port and station entry via Netsight for S/k/N/C

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Is there a way / mib, perhaps via a custom Flexview to clear MacLock violations via Netsight.

That would be to clear the violation itself to re-enable the port and also clear any MacLock station entries for the same port?

Many thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure that you'd find the right entry in the MAClocking MIB....

Could you please post a example of the switch locking MAC configuration so I'd see how you've setup the function.... i.e. static/firstarrivel, aging....
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Had seen that MIB but couldn't see anything that would do the job.


set maclock enable

set maclock enable

set maclock firstarrival 1

set maclock clearonlinkchange disable

set maclock trap enable violation

set maclock syslog enable violation

set maclock disable-port

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If you have Policy Manager you can use that to manage MAC Locking. To do so, select the device in the tree on the left side of the screen in Policy Manager then the MAC Locking tab on the right screen. Push the retrieve button and it will pull in all the mac locked addresses along with their locking cause. You may then highlight the entries you want cleared then push the Remove button. Take note that if you don't change the port or device settings, it may come right back again.