CLI Login Failed in NAC

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I´ve configured Switch Management Access on X460 to use LDAP via NAC. Everything works fine hands on

But now there is the problem, that our Management Center can´t login to the switches with the configured cli profile. The system change state to orange with the alert "CLI Login Failed-Unable to authenticate CLI Connection using... credentials.."

Is there a way to allow both, local users and users from LDAP or any other way to use LDAP auth without alerts on EMC?

Thanks in advance,

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You have to configure the profile in the administration tab. Make sure to fill CLI credentials and map in to the devices in the low part of the screen.
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You'd need to add the user (used in the CLI profile) to the LDAP directory because that is now asked for every mgmt authentication request.
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Thank you for your replies. I´ll try the solution from Ron with a new user to see, when authentication gainst AD works or not.

Best Regards, Ralf