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Clients over time in NetSight/Purview

It would be very helpful if we had a report for IP addresses over time.

Currently there is a report called "Clients over time" which is virtually useless. In reality this application probably saw 10k maybe 20k users/clients it could even be lower than that.
The issues that this report counts every syn and ack as another client which produces an absurd number of clients.

In another report it displayed 1000s of users on a campus with less than 200 machines. Reports like this make it hard to give customers confidence in the data, and if you can't trust the data there is no point in having it.

We know Purview sees the ip addresses of every client connecting on the network. If the software could simply count each unique IP I think we would have a much more usable report. Such a report could be used to demonstrate the importance of the network and help IT departments confine the business off to spend money on upgrades.

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Hi David,

Would this style report be more helpful?

What exactly is different other than the time being 1 hour instead of 24? Or am i missing something? I was looking at some other stuff so my head might not be in the right place right now.

I think the issue was the definition of the word client. The customer sees a client as being a unique IP address and the software sees a client as an instance of an IP address, which causes each "client" to be counted multiple times.

Thank you for the response.
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I may be misunderstanding but ran a report based on the average client count, per location, on an hourly basis over a 3 day period.

Some of the reports can be confusing and default to a sum value. Meaning, "add all the clients for all the intervals", thus showing an absurd number.

Very welcome and hope I am on the right track.

Thank you I will check on that.

Professional services set it up though, so I would have thought that they would have caught that.

I will check tomorrow and report back.

Thanks again,