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Configuring Purview Appliance - What are console settings to serial into appliance? Any helpful advice for configuring?

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Configuring Purview Appliance for the first time - What is the console settings to serial into appliance? Any additional information concerning initial set up?

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Can't you just connect a keyboard / monitor? Then you just follow the on-screen instructions.. etc..
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Tried that. This is a brand new appliance and we are attempting to put an .iso image on it. I was trying to figure out console connection settings to attempt the install. Does anyone know what the settings might be? Is there a particular instruction set for how to install and set up a new purview appliance? Thanks.
If its a server appliance, you turn it on and plug in a keyboard / display. If you are not getting any output, maybe the appliance is dead? I have a purview appliance. I am not sure about a serial connection to it however.