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copy maps from one netsight to another

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we have installed a new Extreme Management Center. The old one is about 10 years old and in the past we take a backup. But now we installed a new Management and configure all. But i want to use my Maps from One View, where all all Floor plans with Access Points are located.

Is it possible to copy a whole Directory from the old Server to the new. I don´t know the right Folders where These maps are located.

Does somebody have an idea?

Thanks Nico

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I am hoping an Extreme engineer responds to this one, because I am curious myself. I have attempted to search the file system on the XMC server for images and I have never found them. But I have a theory that the image data is being dumped into fields in the SQL database. Because if you run a "Netsight" backup and dig through the files, you will find something called "mymaps.zip" which unfortunately contains no image data (only line coordinates).

But to address your problem ...

Do you still have access to the old system? In other words, is the old server still up and running that you can navigate it? If so - you should able to pull up the maps, one by one, and then click File > Export Map as ZIP. That will give you a zip file that contains the raw.jpg.
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Hello Steve, yes i did it that way, but it was a lot of work. I hope there ia also another way, because that cannot be the way to do this.

Thanks Nico
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The export maps function is the only way to do this through the GUI.

All maps information is held within the mysql database.

There was a script that was developed to migrate maps at a customer site. The customer has a test bed to test maps features and once completed needed to move them all into the production system.

The customer was running the same version between production and test-bed, and the wireless controllers in the two systems were identical.

The script will pave over the export destinations maps configurations, and if you're running two different versions I would not suspect it's something that would work as there may be differences within the table structure.

The process has not gone through SQA, and results may vary. The process is not officially supported. If you are to attempt please make a full backup or snapshot in case the results aren't what you'd like them to be. It would be even better if you attempted in a test bed system prior to using your production system.

There are two scripts:

Export script:


Import script:


Run the export script on the old system with a name:

eg ./exportmaps.sh maps.sql

Take the output, move it to the new system and run the import scripts:

eg ./exportmaps.sh maps.sql

The script will replace the following tables:

nsmap, nsmapelement, nsmaptosubmap, nsmapimage, nssite. It does not append the tables. It will move only what's EXACTLY on the old system to the new one. If this isn't what you want

It was successfully used in 8.0.5 version of code.

There is a feature request in the system to support this through the GUI, or at least a mass export of maps instead of a 1 by 1 system.