Create alarm or email alerts on archive success or failure including list of switches


Is it possible to get email alerts when archive has been a success or failure?

Also if possible can we have a list of switches with success and failure?


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Kunal, Yes, via Alarms Manager, but I am trying to work the kinks out (keeps telling me device up message, but triggers off the right archive string). Do you want to try a remote session so we can get to your specific goals quicker?
Yep we could do a remote session. Would you be available tomorrow as I am currently out.
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Okay, Here is a template for you which is a good starting point for the concept anyways. I am generating as a goal, just an email based on inventory manager archive message "Archive Save"

Start by loading Alarm Manager from Console - Tools->Alarm/Event->Alarms Manager
Click on New Alarm

Once that is selected, select the Criteria Tab and By Custom Criteria Button.

Click Edit Criteria as noted above

I selected Match on Log Manager for Inventory. I added the Match on information text string "Archive Save" and then selected that. See below.

Using the Edit List Button I added the following.

Click OK on the edit custom Alarm Criteria and then click on Actions Tab While still selecting this alarm. Set the Action to Email. (When I had trap server enabled toit was giving me the Clear Alarms bit)

Now, I went and stamped a new version, and regardless of whether it pass or fails, I get this message, because I was searching on a string for that simple message.

And here is the email message from my improperly assigned controller.

Severity: Error
Message: Archive Save New Archive: ( Version Stamp: Jul 30, 2015 11:18:47 AM - Configuration Upload script is empty in file Extreme Networks Wireless Controller - SCP

So let us know if this gets you going, or any feedback to make a better solution out of it that meets your goals.
Thanks will update how it goes.